2011 End-year Review

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2012-02-22 15.31.08I have O patience. I think it’s the main quality I need to work on, that plus compassion. I am so arrogant. In perspective, I didn’t get as much as I wanted done this year. Then again, I never do and possibly together with the 99.9 percent of the population. I did learn a lot, from things good and bad and hope that mistakes are not remade. Anyways, here are some goals that I had in 2011 and the results: Financial

  • Save $800/month (Kinda accurate, but used it all on other unaccounted-for expenses)
  • Pay credit card debt 4K (Yes! All Done! )
  •  Buy a house (Not even close!)
  • Pay back mom (Still owe 1K)
  • House Insurance (Not done)
In conclusion… wishing I’d have a house! But other great priorities took place this year and I am sure 2012 will bring me a cozy place to call home… 


  • More patience (yeah, right! Noooooo!)
  • More affectionate with friends/family (hummmm no.)
  • Blog/write more 3x/week (No!)
  • Read bible daily/weekly (No!)
In conclusion, this is the one area I feel so behind! Spiritually I need to ground myself in some church and work harder at growing in an area I feel stuck in for the past couple years! Also really need to just plain grow up and prioritize more family and friends.


  • Lose 10 pounds (Gained 2! But kinda maintained same weight, so not upset at all)
  • Less soda/less bread/junk (Yes!)
  • Exercise 3x week (Kinda +-)
In conclusion not exactly where I would like to be, then again, who is? Overall I can count in my hands number of times I ate junk food and was also able to cut down soda substantially, which were my priorities. I have also done a great deal of reading and learning in this area which a year and a half ago was a complete novelty to me. I feel I am at a place armed with the right tools and knowledge to maintain a healthy and ongoing life eating habits.
  • Learn ASP.NET > I am happy with my progress in this even though not 100%
  • Improve HTML5/JS/CSS3 > Very happy with all I have learned
  • MadCap Flare > Super specialist 🙂
  • Communications/toastmasters > Not too much done 🙁

This is one area I am happy with the advancements made this year, even though working in a field that requires constant learning, feel that I am progressing at a healthy (and hand-able!) pace. So overall, excited about career moving forward even though some personal emotional growth is a starving field. On another note, I got married on October 9, 2011! And that has brought on a whole other list of priorities and duties, especially emotionally and spiritually :-S good and bad.  We have agreed on a marriage conference in January which I feel is a big step forward towards a year of smooth sailing in the rocky marriage seas 🙂 – and also towards maturing and growing more in both areas. I really want to do a review in pictures so I can really count my blessings for 2011 🙂


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