Parenting Struggles

There’s a never-ending slightly nostalgic, slightly melancholic feeling when you are a single parent. When contemplating ongoing issues such as college funding, or more complicated stances such as providing enough emotional stability, there’s such a despair in the knowing whatever you do might not be enough. And even though married couples and “together” families all have dysfunctions of their own, there is just a stability that comes in a mom-and-dad environment that I find rare when single parents can triumph that stance.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s a mix of sadness and joy all parents face when watching their little ones grow, with hearts parted of the (natural) emotional disconnect that steady accompanies the development of children, but also excited with the blossoming of an opinionated and self-willed little person whom we hope so much for. This hope, this faith, the believe that they will triumph above all and grow to be fulfilled and successful people in due time, it’s certainly not limited to the parents, but it’s shared amongst members of immediate family – not nearly as strong as it is prevalent in the parents themselves.

I find this feeling somewhat met with a desperation among single parents, when it seems like loneliness when dealing with immediate issues is prevalent. I find that no matter how great it’s my support system, there are so many issues – most created by this ‘unusual’ parenting setting that no one, even a husband or a grandma could care as much…

Strutting in a sea of doubts and unconventional decisions is so common and so little I find of resources when dealing with it, even basing myself in a greatly ‘resourceful’ environment of not just friends, family and colleagues, but also of books, specialists and news.


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