Jacksonville in June

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We are coming back from my auntie’s house in Jax. She’s not really my aunt, but she has been friends with my mother for over 30 years, that she kinda is part of the family. It’s hard to have friends for that long. I still have some girlfriends from 4th grade that visit me in Florida every once in a whlie. Now that I have my greencard, I can finally visit them.

Aunt Angela’s daughter, Carol, moved last August (2011) to Dominican Republic with her husband and 2 daughters to study medicine. The college she studies there is associated with an American college and they both applied and 2 full scholarships to study there for the 5 years, partial living expenses included. They still needed a student loan to cover all their living expenses, but once they graduate, they will be licensed to practice medicine anywhere in the US. She is going into Pediatrics while he wants to specialize in Pediatric Surgery. A couple caveats: classes are in spanish, you have to maintain a GPA of 3.8 while in the program and well, you have to live in Dominican Republic. That’s pretty depressing in itself.

Since my husband mentioned he would love to course Veterinarian, that got me thinking what other programs are available to study free… Then I thought the military,navy might be a good option, I found out its 8 years of contract… That’s crazy.



Enjoying this one… With a tight budget I am not sure there will be much more traveling until Brazil in December.


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