A Year Blogless

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It has been a year without blogs. I can’t believe it takes me this long to write specially because I think about writing everyday. I think writing organizes my thoughts.  And clears my head and I wish I was organized or focused enough to do it more often. But I am not. So there’s that.

 Love this pic of us!!!

So what has happened in the past year? Many things. Many things have not. I see that I have renewed energy to think again more clearly on things I want and also more time. I do see looking back that I did not complete many projects I had for last summer but a lot got done over the year.

I realize that again I have many many more dreams and expectations such as:

  • Going. To universal studios in Orlando
  • Spending most of the summer working in Orlando
  • Trying out a new coworking space in Orlando.
  • Meeting and emailing some contacts in Orlando to try to get more projects
  • Biking trails in Orlando
  • Learn backboneJs
  • Learn swift or Mean stack
  • Maybe getting a job
  • Paying off my credit cards
  • Traveling to Washington
  • Going to aquatica water park

…amongst other things. While on the summer of 2014 I had many crafts and homely things I wanted to complete this summer I really want to focus on my career and personal growth. I will also be doing counseling and probably marriage counseling in the fall. Things are a bit rocky but I think it’s time I admit it’s probably more me than him… Even though I will never tell.

I will try to post more often and will try to go back to some of the 2015 highlights. Many many good things happening and I love to post and remember.


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