Amazing Water Park Fun

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It’s summer in Florida. It’s super super hot and it rains most days. And we are all working moms and it’s hard to schedule time together but it’s so amazing when schedules match magically and we can all do stuff together.


And we don’t know when we are going to see each other again but it’s like a good and full refill of my love bucket until next time we do something 🙂


And what is a good balance of picture taking? As much as I want to take a ton of pics sometimes I think it’s a bit too much. I am trying to enjoy the current moment more and less of picture taking. But sometimes I have mini panic attack and think I don’t take enough and want to cry because my kid is growing way too fast of course.

Anyways eight kids from one to twelve is crazy fun and always an adventure. We just have to watch for the sun because it’s Florida after all.



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