Bible and Real Life

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Sometimes I feel like there’s such a disconnect between bible stories  and real life today.


Church sermon mentioned a passage in Timothy which talks about the persecution of Israelites in Egypt, and it was like a light bulb lighting inside, in which a profound comparison can be made with the ilegal immigrants living in the US today.

Being an immigrant myself, and having many friends and relatives that have come here both legally and illegally, it’s easy for me to understand the plight of leaving home to live in a foreign land. There are so many issues we can all relate to, including emotional detachment from relatives back home, as well as all the psychological effects of a completely different culture including loneliness and depression.

It’s also easy to understand the rejection felt by the Egyptians; just as back then, the Latin and under-cultured individuals that invade the American homeland are constantly considered low class or less valued and racism is experienced first hand daily by many immigrants. The persecution experienced by the Israelites can be easily compared to the “persecution” of immigrants in the US, worsened by the events of Sept 11, which we cannot deny helps us [immigrants] to easily identify with this historic passage.

It’s true that most immigrants are not held here against their will, and are free to go back home anytime. In the midst of the economical issues ongoing in the US, many have already left and many others are left here with hearts divided. But for those who want to stay, I surely believe this world belongs to God, and with open hearts and acceptance, looking to them as equal brothers and sisters, a way should be created. Unlike the opening of water in Red Sea by Moses to exit Egypt, opening of walls and opportunities should be happening here for those who desire to persevere.


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