Blindness in Dating

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People love setting me up on blind dates. Just all my friends basically think I am stuck and will never ever find a decent boyfriend. I am only 24yo, by the way. One friend actually said to me:

You have a rotten finger”

What she meant was that I always go for the wrong guy. She actually said if I was in a room full of good guys and one ex-con, I would pick the bad one.

I have honestly dated all kinds of weirdos, ugly, unsuccessful and from all roads of life. I am not ashamed (well, maybe a little) of my past decisions, I think life is like a school and maybe one day I will meet the right one and it will be like a graduation party after all those years of suffering.

Now I am at this age where no one is good enough. I am glad to be a little pickier, even though now I feel my dating life is like every Seinfield episode, where I discard men based on stupid little things, like:

  • “he has ugly hands” or
  • a “crooked nose” or
  • “he’s a teacher” (hahahaha)

There’s just this pressure to meet the right person, from basically all sides as if I am wrong for wanting to be single awhile. I can hear my mom’s voice just saying “we are just waiting for her to get her life together” like I cannot possibly have it together while being a divorced mother.

Can someone be truly happy alone or is he just incomplete? Even in serious relationships after my divorce, I never felt as if I could share the parenting side with my boyfriend.  All single moms and dads out there know, nobody, nobody will ever care about your little one like the parents. So basically, having a relationship does not alter in any way my relationship with my son, it’s just a fulfillment of my egocentric self.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), being single is too much fun. And I know I have little eyes looking up to me, and it is 10,000 times harder to find a person that I love and that will accept “the whole package” unconditionally.


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