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We, as humans, take our entire lives to realize change is needed.  It’s not easy. Day to day consumes us that we let so many things pass us by.

Today you are in a ship towards infinity. This is the exact feeling: infinite! Many years ago, the only thing that used to guide us in explorations were the stars.  Today we have GPSs, compasses and many other things to help us navigate the world.  The only thing that has not changed is how we feel inside. Our intuition. Our own internal way. We need to rediscover ourselves.  Recognize the way of the stars.

Running around day to day leaves us hectic.  Market is competitive.  But all who are here today have won in the day to day battle. At home or at work, we all have to fight to find our space.  This is where and when partners find each other. This is when soul mates meet. This is where friendships are made and broken.  This is where life happens.

At home or at work, we each have to find our space.  It’s time we celebrate our victories together. It’s time you allow those who are there every day for you and with you to celebrate another victory with you.

Stars show us the way because deep down inside, they give us hope. They give us assurance that nothing is in vain.

We have everything and we know so much knowledge and yet it’s so, so little. Just think for a bit:

How many feelings have you hidden throughout the years?

I know, it’s life. But you can be sure all these feelings make a part of you, and they are there, inside, pressuring you, inside of you.

In our body, our hearts and memories, lives our happy moments, and we end up not paying attention to them. We end up get used to everything, and in the way, losing the capacity to enjoy the amazing things in the world.

Times goes way too fast.  There’s no turning back.

We become a machine. A machine that makes it all happen, but that sometimes has the cruel function of distracting us in the pursuit of happiness, in the pursuit of identity.

We forget that this same machine that innovates and creates progress in the world feeds on happiness. It feeds on happiness.

How many times have you allowed yourself to be happy, to be afraid, to cry of happiness??

Life goes by and we don’t notice the difference between surviving and enjoying our survival.

Go through your memories. How many people seek your attention and you don’t have time?

How many moments with your son, family were lost because of attention you didn’t give to them?

So many things gone. Time definitely doesn’t stop.

We need to give ourselves the right to enjoy each moment. Embark in internal adventures.  Let the armor drop.  Search what makes us tick. And what gives us meaning. Be different.

Go to bed and party or party and then go to bed.

Who doens’t dream? Who is always sure? Can you forget the rational just for a little? Use the power of your emotions. Life has it’s own rhythms, but we have to make our own hour.

It’s the details that makes the difference. Try to find those details that change everything.

Follow the way of the stars, the way of your own star.

The challenge is to find the star that got lost somewhere in our road. You’re gonna have a new routine, new feelings, new emotions.  Pretend you are someone else. We can do anything. Allow your self to have an internal revolution.

Invade your own reasons. Find your balance.  Follow your heart.

The stars invite you to begin your new adventure.  Get rid of the old.  It’s time to use courage and understanding to leave everything in your life that doesn’t make sense behind and draw a new beginning.

Listen to the voice in your heart. Only you can make your own way.  Only you can follow your own star.


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