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Earlier this year (2010), one of my closest friends – a christian life coach, offered some tutoring in exchange for a website.  I was really skeptical at first, since it was something I hadn’t thought about getting it, but decided that maybe could be helpful in my career, since I felt really lost at the time.

I used to hate birthdays, but on Saturday, October 23, I turned 25, and I was really happy. No, things are not perfect in my life, but they have really turned around this year.

Going back to the coaching, it did not work for me. Maybe in a few months or a few years, I could try again. But it was simply too stressful to try to be Miss Perfect and have it all together – my spiritual life, my family, my son and my career ( which were all at the top of my coaching priorities).  I think there’s still so much room for improvement in all the areas in my life, but somehow now I have it all aligned according to what really matters.

After only 3 sessions of coaching (which I voluntarily canceled after that) taught me a few really important things:

  • Write your goals down. Memorize them. Have them aligned with your priorities.
    I am making the exact amount of money I put on my goals list.  I should have asked for more stuff!
  • Focus on what really matters to you. To me: Family and friends.
    Money is not everything, and if you are doing what you love it will come sooner than you think.
  • There’s time to do everything you want to do, you just need to manage your time better.
    I have been able to exercise and spent quality time with my son, which was almost impossible before

Sure it took me a few months for all these things to sink in, and it’s not like I don’t struggle keeping calm under certain situations where I have to choose between priorities, but I think now it’s clearer every time what REALLY matters in my life. It’s all thanks to my coach 🙂 110% Life Coaching. Highly recommended 😉


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