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I don’t think I have been this excited about Summer in a very, very long time. In the third semester of my master’s degree, I am exhausted and looking very much forward to have some free time to complete some personal projects and relax a bit.


If I think about university and how it will take me to finish if I continue at this pace, I get a bit depressed and think about giving up… Tired of having no weekends!!! But, as stubborn as I am I will probably continue… I think I still have 2 more years… Then again, what’s the rush?!?! 🙂

Anyways, sharing things with all gives oneself the feeling of accountability and may be that extra push needed to actually complete items off our to-do lists. So here are some things I want to do and they say always aim higher than we can reach, so it keeps us motivated.

Diet & Fitness

I am putting me and my son on a strict diet. Pounds have crept in on us and we can both lose 10 -15 pounds through diet and exercice. Some specific goals:

  • No sodas at all (I am having a weekly cheat day for us, prob sat or sunday)
  • No “creamy” ice cream, only fruit bars/water-based ice cream
  • Portion controls in every meal
  • 50 miles/week: bike at least 4 days per week &&
  • Go to a florida park on the weekends, a different one every week!!!

Home Stuffs 

  • Do mosaic at the foyer outsite
  • Repaint entire first floor (except my bedroom)
  • Paint home outside
  • Do landscape
  • Do new footer for glass table outside with palettes & green paint
  • Paint old tire outside for cute plants
  • Do brick layer outside for fire thing
  • Re-Do garden
  • Repaint white fence
  • Deeply cleaning inside
  • Re-organize offices
  • Decorate guest bed
  • Decorate office/figure out how to configure
  • Deep clean ALL CLOSETS & get rid of stuffs

Bottom line is my house is a mess, I have never been so disorganized and I need to get back to a more minimalistic lifestyle. What would be simply perfect would be to go out one day and clean one day for every weekend there is during summer. So Saturday out, Sunday in.

Personal Projects 

On top of the gigantic list above of things to do around the house, I would also enjoy the following which can be accomplished nights at home:

  • Finish 3 scrapbooks!!!
  • Cook more weird stuff (always!)
  • Revamp this blog and blog more often
  • Read a TON of books!

Personal Studying 

  • Would love to catch up on some javascript stuff
  • Specially backbone.js which is what we are currently working on

So one might ask – why do I have such a giant list of Summer stuffs? Looks stressful to me, one might say. I digress. I love doing lists. Not getting them 100% done does not bother me one bit but I think if we have no lists, no goals, no objectives, we might as well watch TV forever and not enjoy life. I love inventing stuff, creating stuff and expressing myself through food, arts & crafts and decoration. I am not too good at, in fact most of my days I feel like I am not too good in almost anything, but you know what – it doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you try, how hard you try and how much love and happiness you spread while doing it.


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