Hard Expectations

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I hate looking back at my own notes and seeing how much has not been accomplished in the last few years… And I hate the end of January. Resolution excitement has dissipated and turned into self-guilt and personal disapproval. As I look back at 2010, 2011 & 2012 resolutions, I see so many of them repeating that it’s not even worth to make them anymore.

_bob-says-you-failThis is a depressing post. It’s depressing because I realize that I have not lost the weight I wanted last year (gained some instead). No flat belly for me. My bible-reading goals subsided after 2 weeks. My making money online goals haven’t gone anywhere. How is it that we keep sabotaging ourselves? How is it that our motivation is so scarce?

I certainly do fear failure – which experts mention is the main reason people don’t act on things – but I wouldn’t say it’s a freezing fear. I have never been very competitive and certainly not a sore loser.

And I love my job, but how, how can I be so unmotivated to get up in the morning? I surely hope that this series I am starting, an H2O connection group from next level church might get me closer to God, closer to myself as well. I want to be in the center of my purpose, and I just feel lost.


If this will become my personal journal, here are some [more] goals for this year…

  • Write every week
  • Watch Lynda classes… one per week OR TeamTreehouse OR NewBoston OR Codecademy
  • Hire developer to write apps for me
  • Learn Java, Javascript & HTML5
  • Make Money online with AppEVO, BBWR & EMM

I really need to keep tabs at myself to become more of a habit maker. Good luck to me!


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