I’ve Got a Sick Kid at Home…

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If you have kids, you know that they say the darnest things…

When I asked my son if I was the only terrible mother that didn’t send a Valentine gift for the kids. He said no, I am not the most terrible mother, but I am the most embarrassing one, because I say he’s in Time Out instead of grounded in front of his friends. Apparently TimeOut is  reserved for kindegardeners… I didn’t get that memo.

DSC_2650Lately he’s been really sick and it’s so emotionally draining for me. I have no patience at all… but lately less and less patience because our schedule is getting more and more tight with all the doctor appointments and migraine issues. He’s behind on school work and I am so behind on my work just simply unable to concentrate. If you ever had a sick child, you know how hard it is to see them suffering and just unable to do anything. I really think I am no cut out for this mothering stuff, I feel double terrible when I am being tiger mom but is it fair to be lenient using his disease as an excuse?

And regarding lawsuits, I am completely against it – within reason. I find they allow people to take advantage of other hard workers just to benefit themselves sometimes their lawyers, but just causing a system of fear and hesitation between doctors – which is not beneficial to anyone. But sometimes, on the other side of the spectrum, when doctors screw up you just want to do something BAD, like a lawsuit. Once when he was 3, they told me he had a brain tumor. I cried for 2 weeks. I feel like each time I talk to them I have to beg for answers, please please please this is really bad, I NEED something. Where’s the transparency or did I just get stuck with bad practitioners everywhere?

And what am I supposed to tell him when he asks me why was he born with this problem? And what does chronic migraines mean? And what can I do besides stuff him with all that toxic medicine crap that never works anyways? I just don’t have the answers… I just want you to know how much I love you and if there’s any answers in this world, we will find them. This parenting stuff is hard! Is it too late to get it right?


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