Love and Money in 2012

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I think there are many reasons why I was not born rich. I think I would be one of those egocentric-paranoid millionaires with hundreds of government conspiracies and that eats only organic, gluten-free, hormone-free, free-range, very-expensive, not-so-special health food. I would probably make my own shampoo. I would obligate my kids to eat whole grain birthday cake. And I would probably be arrogant as hell. See – God knows all things.

SAM_3531Instead I was born poor enough to survive, rich enough to thrive with the many opportunities I have been given. I think He wanted me to appreciate all things better, and savor it all more fully. Kinda like an Ugly Betty, immigrant-born but fighting for a chance at an amazing career, but still clinging to her roots – not always by choice.

Even though we all wanted just to marry that rich prince or inherit the millions from the passing of a unknown uncle-millionaire, I believe all things are sweeter(or saltier!) coated with the sweat from your brows and you just enjoy it more. I have to believe this with all my heart or I will lay down and give up on climbing my ladder.

So getting married, starting from the ground up again and just having huge hopes and dreams for the future. If I believe, then it will happen, and that’s my motto. Since most divorces happen due to financial disagreements, I find this an important aspect of our relationship. After 2 months of happily married life, both me and my other half have similar goals financially and have huge help from my family, which has helped us lay some great budgeting goals for next year. So what if everything goes wrong? I am sure I am not the only person with big hopes for her marriage – everyone. Do all other people do not have realistic expectations? Or they don’t have goals? Or do things not go as planned? Or should I just not even think about money now? It seems to take a lot of my thinking time, that’s for sure. How important should this be in our relationship? Even though I think we are on the right track, I sometimes feel as if we are not doing enough even though we just started. I just want to sleep well at night and be financially free, is that too much to ask?!



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