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This morning I jumped out of bed, turned on his lights, asked him to wake up and went to take a shower. As he got up he came into the bathroom and said: Mommy, this morning when I woke up, my lights were on! Hehe I wondered how that happened.

100_2609My son suffers from migraines since he was 2. Yesterday he had a severe migraine that lasted all day… Last night as I begged him to shower, and he just cried through his whole shower… when he came out he said – why, mommy, did God have to make me with this problem? I don’t know honey, maybe one day we can ask him.

With all the advancements in technology it’s just pathetic the lack of knowledge they have about our brains. They have no clue. I missed so many days of work going from neurologist to neurosurgeon, doing MRI’s and CATScans with no answers… Didn’t these people study this stuff? And from one doctor to the next we hear completely opposite things, I think they have too much opinion to just follow anyone else.

Anyways, I have been researching a lot regarding the problem which has been worsening the last few months, I think pretty soon I will be able to write a book on migraines. We have started a new regimen this week – no milk, no caffeine, no msg*(no candy, juice, chips or restaurant food) that may help avoid some of the triggers.

Theres just too many triggers for him and most times I feel so powerless… Powerless to understand powerless to explain, powerless to help. I surely wish his medicine works soon… We are pushing for 1 to 2 times a month headache. Looks far away….


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