Stop Autopilot, You are not Fine! Just do it!

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Just watched this amazing TED lecture:

SAM_3405Routine: Kills you. People get stuck in life. If you need food, water, sex, your body follows it. When you feel stuck or dissatisfied, it’s a body signal that your soul needs exploration. Force yourself to be uncomfortable, outside, out of your comfort zone. Get out of your head. Doesn’t matter how you feel, you will never feel like changing. Just do it! First 3 sec getting out of bed sucks, then gets better… Impulse to do it plus Activation energy.
5 second rule: Your mind process things very quickly. Impulse pulling you, need to act on it. You have 5sec to do it or you will kill it. Force: Anything that is a break from your routine… Wake up earlier, follow your dreams.

My whole issue with her argument is the fact I am a very motivated person. I never waste time, I write my ideas down and I think I have been following my dreams for quite some time…I just feel very pulled from all different directions to fulfill my obligations and most of the time I am exhausted from trying to fit all the roles. I just don’t know how to really be more organized to maximize the use of my time and be more productive with the few hours I have available for my personal projects. Right now…

  • 5 web clients
  • Learn Javascript, HTML5, Web Application
  • Make money automated blogs
  • Create and launch apps
  • Develop business plans with sister

I am not going to lie, I do waste time… I really need to cut out all my wasted time….


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