Super Boring or Super Interesting?

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Sometimes I have a hard time making friends. I love bragging about being such a party person – I love throwing and being in them – but the truth is I don’t have a lot of close friends. I wish I did but it seems I have to try so hard… And it’s tiring.

And then there’s the hobbies I have. They are old people hobbies. I always had them. I am miles and miles away from other people that have these hobbies – at least that’s how I see it! For example I like crochet. And knitting. And cooking. And scrapbooking. And sewing. And cross stitching. And reading a lot. And restoring old furniture. And gardening. So now for some context;: I am 28! My friends take dance classes and do other 28yo hobbies (what are 28yo hobbies? I wonder).

Since working from home full time my mind wonders. For once, I never thought of myself as a creative person but lately my brain is throwing me for a loop. At 28, I finally have the discipline to finish the jobs I started and to be honest they look amazing. While I have always followed recipes and think true originality is really amazing, I no longer think of myself as not creative but have accepted (through much use of Pinterest) that it’s ok to be inspired by others. It is ok to invent stuff based on other amazing stuff that other people have invented. Because truly most amazing stuffs we have today when you think about it has been built on top of other amazing stuffs others created before you. And that’s ok. That’s more than ok. It’s called innovation and highly praised nowadays.

Anyhow I have set out the summer with a ton of great projects in mind some got completed some have not but life is so dynamic that it’s ok when things don’t go our way and we have to adapt and move forward. It’s much harder said than done at least for me but it is healthy.

One of the projects was restoring our living room table. I love wood furniture and bringing out the colors through wood stains.


Quick preview of before.

But I made a big mistake. After removing all existing color and finish I did not use a wood hardener before staining.


So even though the legs turned out fine the top was blotchy and stained.


The old, relaxed, lazy me would have ditched or kept it that way. The new, mature, disciplined 2.0 version redid it. I like this new me! Not to say I hated the old me but I feel like a bunch of my goals and projects are kinda left unfinished and it feels good to cross things off on the ever ending ever changing todo list.


Started staining for the second time.

What does all this have anything to do with being boring or super awesome? I think I get easily bored so I drown myself in knowing stuffs… In learning and picking up facts and stats with books and documentaries and I would think that would make me super super interesting individual like when I was a child and someone told me

I had the soul of an old person

and that sounded so amazing it’s like I have been practicing at being old since I was little. But it hasn’t made me money or friends or fortune and fame really. But I am still searching for the answers!


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