Table Reface Summer Project

I simply loooove painting and remodeling furniture (and walls for that matter).

This was the first project I tackled this summer, out of a gigantic barely feasible list of stuffs I am trying to get it done. So I had this crummy table we got it from a friend and I thought it had so much potential… After browsing Pinterest for a couple days I decided on a cream color and got a stencil for the top part.

I really needed a craft table for my own projects, and this was perfect for it. I am so excited about the finishing touches, I think it turned out amazing.

Starting out with crappy reddish wood finish:

Remove all finish…. At first I started with a rough sanding and then a more fine sanding to finish.


Paint 4 coats of paint… Between each coat I did sand with a fine sandpaper, at least on the table surface, because I want it perfect.


And in the end it wasn’t perfect, far from it, but that’s how life is, up and down and messy and so far from perfect. So I am okay with it 🙂


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