Time Heals All… Literally. 

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One year ago, we were launching on a cruise adventure to the grand Bahamas islands. It was only a weekend cruise but I was so afraid of feeling sick that was all I wanted at the time.  We rented scooters and drove inland on the island to visit underwater caves visit https://thedetoxcenter.com. A beautiful place surely not worth the long scooter ride there… Anywho when attempting to go back we had an accident!!

Talk about guilt mothering moment… It was super scary and I felt awful because we were in the middle of nowhere with no help no cellphones!!! But after a long and cold drive back to the ship we survived!! And had lots of hot food and drinks!!! He had second degree burns and it was really bad at first….  

 His local pediatrician cleaned up and prescribed some burn cream. He also recommended keeping it closed to prevent infections but tell that to a 12 year old? I think we managed for 4 days.  

  And after a week… 

 Two weeks…


  Three weeks…

  An a month! 

May be my imagination but it feels like the burn cream delayed healing but it did heal properly and now after a year he has barely no scars!!! Moral of the story: lay down in sandy beaches next time in the Caribbean. 


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