To Be or Not to Be… Good Enough

My best friend is constantly trying to fix me.  It is incredibly annoying. She must like some parts of me, I wonder? She unfortunately got her hands in that book “Marry Him: The case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough”. Some books should not be released to the general population. They should should be safeguarded by the government in some high secured location like Area 51.  This is one of those books. To me it looks like the title says it all… but this is her review. She has since decided I am waaaay too picky and will end up single and miserable at 38. Again, I am only 24. She argues:

“That’s what everybody thinks. I am too young to be stuck. I don’t have to worry about that now. And that’s how women get stuck forever.”

Yes… that is the bottom line. How can I respond with that argument? According to her, I am obviously never, ever, finding Mr. Right and just dying alone. Yeah, right.

What partly bothers me is that I feel this way sometimes. Well, there are the two extremes of why I feel can’t find mr. right. One involves me thinking I am amazing, the other one, not so sure…

I could make a huge list of interesting things about me… but that would just sound arrogant.  The truth is I am just too entertained with myself all the time. I am very introspective and love to think. But what is most intriguing is the variety of stuff I ponder upon on a weekly basis. Here’s a little cloud of good, varied, clean, healthy and happy weekly thoughts.


I am really proud of every single thing in the cloud above. All these topics are the reason why I am able to carry an interesting conversation with practically anyone. Just as my (slightly dark) past defines me, I believe to have grown into an amazingly interesting person over the last 7 years of motherhood.  Then to the bad news. Here’s my gray cloud not so happy thoughts (noticed it’s sad and full of rain?)…

I am sure we all have good days and bad days. How I feel on the following cloud is not a result of hormone fluctuation, but just a lack of self-confidence due in part to the circumstances listed, many things which are above and beyond my control and which I should have fully accepted up to this point in my life.  Living, learning and hopefully one day leaving these worries behind.


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