Tragedy and the Fragility of Humanity

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So many wrongful comments and conclusions over the disaster in Japan. My heart aches over each life lost, each family mourning. But that’s not what’s on the minds of many. On Monday, only 3 days after the disaster, while still fighting a nuclear problem, I overheard a malicious, evil, unethical and pathetic comment by an “adult” individual:

“So much for who’s winning now?“, said evil man, snickering.

I felt as I had to specify it was an adult simply because a child might be excused since they can’t fully grasp the gravity of the situation, but for a coherent, grown man to mutter something as insensitive as this it just amazed me.

In an era where the most comments on twitter over #iPad surpassed Japan and the tsunami, comments like this should not make one blink an eye. But they do. Maybe for those de-sensitized individuals who undermine every disaster, every catasthrophe, blaming global warming or just damning the whole universe saying we are all gonna die anyways, the insensitivity of people such as this fellow American may not be shocking. I am not one of those people.

I truly believe we are all good individuals. If there’s any evil in the world, it’s caused by an utmost need or unfulfilled need – be either for money, love or anything in between. The comments from Kenneth Cole regarding Egypt, and the tasteless superbowl groupon campaign had shocked me much earlier than the media announced the malady.

With many people asking where was God in this matter, and many others trying to justify the situation with unfunded and untrue explanations for the why in this disaster, I hope that the majority of people are just extending their hands and prayers to all those afflicted by the disaster.

No matter how prepared Japan was, how differently the Japanese people handle certain crisis, there’s great suffering in the other side of the world, and there will be, for years to come, due to the voracity of the radiation and anger of the tsunami.

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