Vegetarian Beginnings

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We have recently seen the Netflix documentary What the Health. I have for years debated the meat-eating phisolophy we tend to live by unconsciously. After many,many documentaries on food, I have decided to change my (& my house) eating habits.

There’s a bunch of criticism on this documentary and I see both sides. I am not blindly following and none of what was said came as a surprise. I also dont have any health issues compelling change. I think a lot of people have many reasons to want to change, and it’s not I am completely happy with my weight but I am not at a radical point of change.

I think that meat is “kinda” good… has proteins and iron and keeps you full longer and gives the strength needed for many physical jobs. I also think it filled a gap on nutrition when agriculture was not fully widespread and helped us have more nutritious diet (when thinking on the history of mankind). 

I think it is also the basis of many “caveman” and paleo diets because of the high protein content and because it can be used as a filling (and healthier) substitute for gluten/carb loaded diet.

This is a point also discussed on the film… all protein comes from plants – which is probably not a surprise to many, but it was to me and my hubby. So in essence the protein in meat is just a better tasting version of the grass cows eat.









But I have never been that much worried with my protein intake – as mentioned in the movie we get enough protein from




I think it’s harder to switch depending on what you do all day.



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