What a Great Weekend…Or not…

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Being a mom is hard! I probably say this too many times, especially since I actually have a very easy going child… And I am talking not on the sense that parenting is hard, but that with parenting comes great pains and gains…


Looking Glum

What a rough weekend! Friday night ice skating at Germain Arena… and after 22 falls in the hard-cold floor, his arm was so swollen I thought it may be broken…. Why is it that we automatically think of the worst case scenario?

Immediately after considering a broken arm, as I raced towards him, I was sure he was going to throw up in the ice (which he usually does when he is nervous – hysterical). After accessing there were no broken bones, I couldn’t help him up even if I wanted since my ice skating skills are very limited to say the least – soon we had a couple people from the arena helping him up and directing us towards the office where which we could get, of course, some ice.

Just seconds after the fall, although he was moving his arm, a huge purple bump showed right above his elbow. I inquired if he wanted to leave but resiliently he wanted to stay and keep skating. The next day while his arm was still swollen he decided against his best judgement to ride his ripstick, which of course caused another fall, another painful situation on top of his little arm and another heartache for mommy.

Later that evening, at a birthday party, while in a fight with another 8 year-old inside the bouncy house, he allegedly was choked and almost blacked out by the other innocent little boy… As a mother I want to march outside and beat the other child with a stick, but instead spent 15 min inside the bathroom calming my son and explaining what it is to be the “bigger man” of the situation. Which is very hard for an 8 year old to understand by the way.

On Sunday morning, as we were leaving church, I accidentally opened the car door and hit his nose, which I feel absolutely terrible about it, since all that happened in the last two days, but thankfully, nothing shattered so far.

I wish I could say all of the unfortunate events had ended here, but another accident before bed time. The window in his bedroom closed on top of his little hand. We have been through some hard times, but getting to his window was probably the longest miliseconds of my life. The window is broken, and it fell on top of his little fingers which he could not pull out and only when I pulled up it released. I am so glad nothing really serious happen.

The Motherly Connection

Another single mom friend of mine, who equally had her child at a very young age, commented she never really had a strong emotional connection with her son – due to her personal rejection of him because of her age when he was born. He was mostly cared for by grandma until the age of two. She was unable to forgive herself when tragedy hit his life. Even though I dedicate myself a lot, sometimes I feel a strong disconnect with my son too, because of my lack of patience, because of single mom priorities.

Considering these facts, I am a sincere voucher for adoption and thorough planning of a child. We all say one can never be prepared enough to have a child, I feel that emotional preparedness, as well as financial make all the difference in how the child will be raised, regardless of natural child or adopted. I am sure adoption is a hard road to take – genetics should never be underestimated, but if you are ready to love, then the challenges that come with a child are all somewhat bearable, regardless of where, how and when that child came from; even when many accidents happen along the way.


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