Wild Dream – Episode 2

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I love vacations so much I always dream with them…. Anyways, last night I dreamed I was in a hotel with my family. Sitting at the bar, late at night, raining outside (there’s always water in my dreams) Nicholas Cage (whom is really not my type) is sitting at the end of the bar starting at me. At first I thought – this man is certainly not looking at me in a special way. But then… then… he walked up and asked me out…

As I was trying to decide to go or not go out with Nicholas Cage… My son walks up to me and asks me to put him to sleep upstairs in our hotel room… And I went away with my son and left Nicholas behind.

As a friend just said to me once… Something that maybe I have a hard time believing in it myself…

“I don’t think your chances of falling in love will be compromised by you having a kid. To some men that child might be a head start to his plan of a perfect family.”

Maybe the wall is just inside my head, but maybe that’s the hardest wall to overcome. In a lighter note, here’s Nicholas Cage as Everyone…


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