Wood Cabinet Project

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I have a beautiful wood cabinet that I am hesitant to give out but now that I have remodeled my bedroom, it really does not fit in with the rest of the furniture. I have been searching for a technique for a quick remodel, and found something that might work… So I am excited about trying this out next weekend – maybe not pink roses!
* From: http://www.craftsforum.co.uk/showthread.php?13069-How-To-Decorate-Wood-With-Paper-Napkins

Wood Box

Skill Level : Easier Than You’d Think!
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You will need :
A wooden or mdf object
White / light colour matt emulsion paint for the undercoat
Mod Podge – either gloss or matt finish
Paper napkins
Any trimmings, ribbons, buttons for embellishment

1) Remove all the hinges from the box
2) Mark on the inside of the box where the holes for screwing are – this will make life easier at the end of the project!
3) Apply one coat of matt paint to the surfaces of your box that you wish to cover
4) When the paint has dried, apply the Mod Podge – again, to all the surfaces you wish to cover
5) Separate ALL layers of your paper napkin until you have just one layer. (This takes a bit of practice but it is crucial that you only have one layer of napkin.)
6) Gently lay the napkin onto your box trying to avoid getting any creases.
7) With Mod Podge on your brush, gently apply a layer over the top of your napkin, smoothing it onto the box carefully with your brush. This layer of Mod Podge seals your napkin and acts like a varnish
8) Don’t panic if you get some tears or rips. Try to find a matching part of the pattern on another napkin and tear a piece off to cover the rip. Don’t cut it with scissors, as you want the torn edges to blend into the ripped piece. Stick your “repair” piece onto your box with the Mod Podge on your brush.

9) Fold down all the corners, trimming off any excess and smoothing down with Mod Podge on your brush.
10) When your box has gone tacky, gently poke some holes through the tissue paper so that you can screw the hinges back into place later.
11) Leave to fully dry and that’s it!
12) Screw the hinges back into place and decorate with any embellishments. You could also line the inside of the box in the same way, just make sure the outside is completely dry first.

If you don’t want to use a box, this process will work on any wooden or mdf shape.


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