Worst Mom Award of the Year

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Photo on 2010-01-12 at 15.35I keep wondering if up above somewhere or around us there are ghosts giving out awards. If they do, I will most certainly win the one for worse mothering.

We had a really bad night tonight… He’s been sick and I ran out of patience… I just have no more to give… no more love, no more affection, no more “don’t worry about that honey” kinda of talk. My well has run dried and empty. I have an empty heart, nothing else to give.

It’s so hard to be a single mom, I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy. Newsflash: married with kids? Stay married! There’s no one in the world that will care for your kids like real parents do and it’s just hard to get it all done on your own. I am just exhausted too much of my time…


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